Health and Social Care Bill published

Health and Social Care Bill published

26 Jan 2011

The Health and Social Care Bill will make some fundamental changes to the way the National Health Service is operated.  

Susan Cowan, specialist GP Practice Partner at Lester Aldridge LLP, Solicitors, said, “The key issue that will concern all members of the public and users of the “National” Health Service is that the care they need is delivered in a timely fashion and is free at the point of delivery. The fact that some of that care may be delivered by “private” providers is not relevant to the end user. We will need to watch the progress of the Bill very carefully and then look at the regulations that will be introduced as a result of the Bill becoming law. What we can be certain about is that there will be a fundamental reshaping of the way our health service is delivered.”

 Commenting on the publication of the Bill, BDA Executive Board Chair, Dr Susie Sanderson, said, “This is a lengthy piece of legislation that the BDA will look at very carefully. The numerous white papers and consultations published by the Coalition Government have lacked detail on a number of important issues for dentists and their patients, leaving many questions unanswered. Importantly, these include the Government’s intentions for how dental public health fits into the envisaged arrangements and arrangements for care for vulnerable patient groups. This Bill must answer those questions.”

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