The GDC wants to hear from you

The GDC wants to hear from you

One of the biggest challenges for the GDC in 2011 is the review of our Standards and ‘Scope of Practice’ documents. We need your help to ensure we get as much feedback as possible from the dental professionals they directly affect.

Last year, the GDC spelt out its priorities in a new corporate strategy, highlighting patient protection and value for money. To achieve the key aims of this strategy, we need strong relationships with a wide range of people and organisations. 

In order to help us be better placed to build those relationships, we’ve committed to a series of registrant events across the UK. The events are designed to offer all those who attend, the chance to meet GDC staff in person and have their say on a number of issues. Face-to-face feedback like this greatly enhances the quality of our knowledge and it’s vital that we hear from as many registrants as possible – after all it will be you who in due course will be asked to apply the standards on a day-to-day basis.

We’re holding three more events (which are free and can count as two hours of non-verifiable CPD), and I urge readers of The Probe to attend and become involved. We want to find out what you think, not only about our Standards and ‘Scope of Practice’ reviews, but in relation to other areas of our work as well. We’ll be offering workshops, in which you’ll be able to take on the role of a fitness to practise committee member or swap ideas about continuing professional development and revalidation. 

We’ll be in Birmingham on February 17, in Edinburgh on March 15 and Cardiff, May 25. More information can be found on our website at

Our key objective in reviewing Standards and ‘Scope of Practice’ is to ensure we thoroughly explore and gather the views of those who have a legitimate interest in any changes, and that’s why our events are so important. It’s five years since the GDC published ‘Standards for dental professionals’ and in that time, the landscape of the regulatory world, and the GDC itself, has changed again. 

We now register the entire dental team and have more than 95,000 dental professionals on our registers, making it more important than ever that we get the  depth of detail right.

 With your involvement, we will be much better placed to produce well-rounded, joined up and proportionate regulation, which protects the public and supports standards across the dental team.