No Pain Dentistry

No Pain Dentistry

07 Feb 2011

A family practice based in the centre of Edinburgh with approximately 1500 patients is claiming to be the first practice in Scotland to offer "No Pain Dentistry" to Scots.

Integrated Dentalcare is promising an "Oscar smile" at an affordable price - without pain or discomfort.

The practice is pioneering "Water laser technology" a technique that has led its practitioners to claim that patients will no longer have to be scared of dental visits, as this groundbreaking new treatment is completely pain free.

Ania Sepiol, who is originally from Poland but now lives in Edinburgh, was one of the first patients to undergo water laser treatment in Scotland and says it has transformed the way she views the dentist.

She explains, "Everybody wants to look their best, but no one really likes going to the dentist. I have always had twisted front teeth, and some broken ones at the back, but was very apprehensive about getting them fixed. However, when one of my front teeth broke I knew I had to do something about it.

"As soon as I was told about the water laser treatment I was very interested, but I found it very hard to believe. After experiencing a lifetime of discomfort and apprehension when visiting the dentist it was hard to imagine this was not going to be just another gimmick.

"However, everything I was told was true. There was no pain or discomfort at all. There was no whiny noise of the drill, no vibrations, no injection. In fact, water laser treatment takes away everything you hate about visiting the dentist. Instead it was like someone was spraying your teeth with a gentle stream of water, it was absolutely amazing," she says.

Dental practitioner, Neeraj Puri, says Integrated Dentalcare is always on the lookout for new and innovative ways of making their patients more comfortable.

"I spend a lot of time researching the latest techniques and equipment, on the market. Often travelling to the US and Europe, to ensure that we avoid the fads and gimmicks. At the same time we are very conscious that because of the present economic climate the treatments should be within the reach of everybody.

"We see every patient as unique, and offer treatments which are designed to meet their individual needs. We don't want people to be scared of the dentist, we want our patients to look after their teeth and be proud of their smile.

"We see the water laser treatment as a fantastic way of taking the fear and discomfort out of going to the dentist. There are no blades or drills. The water laser treatment makes your tooth feel drowsy which allows us to work on it without any discomfort.

"For anybody who does not like going to the dentist this really is an amazing invention, and we definitely believe it is worth the £60,000 investment we have made in it. Everybody who has experienced this treatment has been amazed, and I am just delighted that we are in the fortunate position to offer our patients such fantastic treatment options."

Water laser treatment was invented in California. The Waterlase machine has two lasers – one that numbs the tooth and one for carrying out the required dental surgery. The cost of water laser treatment varies, and in some cases can work out cheaper than everyday treatment as no anesthetic is being used.

 Integrated Dentalcare is said to be the only practice in Scotland to offer water laser treatments. It is committed to using the very latest technology to make its patients' dental experience as pleasurable as possible.

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