DCPs gain a stronger voice

DCPs gain a stronger voice

08 Feb 2011

Dental care professionals became a stronger voice at the heart of the Faculty of General Dental Practice (FGDP[UK]) when the Faculty’s new DCP Committee met recently for the first time.

The DCP Committee will build on the work undertaken by the previous DCP Advisory Board. Its role is to develop standards and educational opportunities in support of the dental team. As a committee of the FGDP(UK) Board, the DCP Committee has a considerably greater role to play in the Faculty than its predecessor.

Chair of the DCP Committee, Tony Griffin, said, “The establishment of this Committee will allow DCPs to have a stronger voice within the FGDP(UK), at a time when the regulatory and educational environment for DCPs continues to evolve. The Committee will support DCPs to meet new needs while setting standards that will support the best possible care for dental patients.”

The elected members to the Committee are:

• John Stanfield – Dental hygienist representative 

• Bill Sharpling – Clinical dental technician representative 

• Janet Goodwin – Dental nurse representative

• Geraldine McGlynn – Dental therapist representative 

• Carol Bentley – Orthodontic therapist representative

• Ian Taylor – Dental technician representative.



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