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Forming the central plank of our Oral Health portfolio, Smile is the most widely received magazine that reaches this increasingly vital group of clinicians who are involved with promoting good oral health. On 8 occasions a year, Smile is distributed to the HOME address of every GDC registered Hygienist, Therapist and Oral Health Promoter, who are the very people that the public turn to for advice on how to ensure they maintain a good oral regime. Recent research by Colgate found that 91.4% of Hygienists use Smile magazine to keep up to date with clinical research, new techniques, product news and treatments.

Within Smile there is also verifiable CPD for all readers, which throughout the year provides all ten hours of training required for a DCP per year, making it an invaluable resource for dental care professionals. Research shows that Hygienists generate up to 40% of a practice’s revenue – wielding this much influence over patient purchases and using this much product means it is vital that your product range is seen by them in the one magazine that reaches their homes most frequently and provides their CPD hours for free – it is for this reason that all the major oral health companies use Smile to communicate their core brand messages.

We have a prestigious panel of key opinion leaders who contribute to the magazine and who are always on hand to provide advice, product testing, articles and who are an excellent resource for manufacturers to utilise to broadcast their core brand messages. Clinical associations in Oral Health we work  closely with and can utilise: BSDHT, BADN, NOHPG, BDHF, BADT.

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