Brush UP Questions and Certificates   

Welcome to Brush Up Online.

The area were you can complete the verifiable CPD articles published in Smile and download your personalised CPD certificate.

If this is your first time completing Brush Up on line you must first Sign up.

To do this click 'sign up'. Once you have signed up you will then then be sent an e-mail containing a pass word. Copy the password and click on the 'Login' button. Enter your e-mail details and the password. You will be able to change your password at this point. From then on you only need to Login to undertake your Brush Up CPD. 

Now just follow these simple steps:

Step1. Carefully read the Brush Up CPD articles published in Smile   

Step2. Go to corresponding 'Start Module' button below, which will take you through to a set of multiple choice questions. (Answer very carefully as you only have 2 attempts to get answers correct)  

Step3. When you have completed both modules print off your certificate and keep it in a safe place.       

Each article represents 1 hour of verifiable CPD. 

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