Accessible Aesthetics - 2nd July 2011


It’s time for a change. It’s time for every dentist to offer cosmetic dentistry, because it's changed.

Cosmetic Dentistry has seen a huge boom in recent years.

However, aggressive approaches to treatment have meant that the risks could be high. As a result only a small percentage of patients would seriously consider it and many dentists avoided it altogether because they thought it was too risky, too expensive for their patients, too destructive in some cases.

This is all changing.

Simple treatments are sweeping aside the traditional approach to smile makeovers and are redirecting the evolution of cosmetic dentistry in the UK.

These are simple treatments and procedures ANY GDP can offer.

James and Tif will show how in a period of only 2-3 months how simple alignment, whitening and bonding incisal edges can harmonize the anatomy to provide a totally non-invasive smile makeover that challenges a traditional veneer makeover without the risks - All done with no an-aesthetic or tooth preparation.

This vital seminar will show you how you can make that step into rewarding aesthetic dentistry with less risk and outlay.

Further to this, they will also discuss the indications and use of pre-alignment techniques before the placement of aesthetic restorations. Alignment, minimal preparation techniques, temporaries and final restorative options as well as interim and definitive retention will be explained in detail.

In addition, they will demonstrate how aesthetic crown lengthening can be simplified with pre-alignment.

Overall, the presenters will put forward a new system of techniques, that when used in combination will deliver minimum invasion, maximum effect.
These are procedures you can offer to ANY patient in ANY NHS, mixed or private practice with the confidence that risks are low, success is achievable, and profits are worthwhile.

  • The Inman Aligner how it can change your practice
  • ABB- Alignment, bleaching, bonding
  • How to get whitening to work easily!!
  • Simple edge bonding- new materials to make our lives easier
  • An introduction into low risk, easy cosmetic dentistry
  • Pre-alignment before restorations
  • Photography – the new currency of modern dentistry
  • Putting this into practice
  • How to offer and market to new and your own patients

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