Desmond D’Mello refuses going to hearing

Desmond D’Mello refuses going to hearing

18 Aug 2016

Dentist Desmond D’Mello, who faces more than 50 allegations of misconduct for poor hygiene and for exposing 22,000 patients to HIV, has refused to attend his own hearing.

D’Mello was secretly filmed in 2014 and allegedly seen failing to change his surgical gloves between patients and caught not cleaning dental instruments.
The footage sparked the world’s biggest NHS recall with more than 22,000 patients from the Daybrook Dental Surgery, in Nottinghamshire, being urged to get a blood test for diseases including HIV and Hepatitis C.

The hearing is set to go on in his absence. As he failed to attend he also has no legal representation.

Earlier this year in at a preliminary hearing, D’Mello wrote in a later that he would not be attending or be represented at the hearing as he had applied for voluntary erasure from the General Dental Council register and had no intention of ever practicing dentistry again.
Also facing allegations is D’Mello’s dental assistant Caroline Surgey, who faces four charges with 23 sub charges including not changing her gloves after blowing her nose and failing to clean equipment.

D’Mello faces five charges, with more than 50 sub-charges including failure to wear a surgical mask.

He is also accused of managing patients in an inadequate manner including in the way he issued prescriptions.

The hearing, which is scheduled to run until 2 September, continues.