Almost 900 dentists removed from GDC register for failing to pay ARF

Almost 900 dentists removed from GDC register for failing to pay ARF

09 Feb 2011

886 dentists were removed from the General Dental Council register for not paying their annual retention fee (ARF), and 514 dentists voluntarily requested that their names be removed. The deadline for payment was December 31 2010. So far, 171 applications for restoration to the register have been received. 

If a dentist missed the deadline to pay their ARF, they will need to apply to be restored to the register. Practising while not registered is considered illegal practice and the GDC will take action through the criminal courts. Dentists who want to return to the register must:

  • Complete a form to apply for restoration
  • Have a medical examination and provide a character reference
  • Pay a fee of £696 – which includes the ARF
  • If they were practising overseas while off the register, they must provide a letter of good standing from the relevant authority of the country/state in which they last worked
  • If they were working in the UK when their name was removed from the register, they and their employer will need to explain the circumstances in a letter.  If this has occurred they are advised to contact their solicitor or defence organisation before submitting their application.

However, the GDC has also reported that it has successfully processed 36,962 ARF payments from its dentist registrants.