The natural choice for regeneration

The natural choice for regeneration

14 Jun 2017

The comprehensive creos range from Nobel Biocare is advancing from strength to strength.
Developed for both guided bone regeneration (GBR) and guided tissue regeneration (GTR) procedures, the exceptional creos range provides a reliable, natural framework for optimal clinical success.
This outstanding range features:
•    creos xenogain – an easy to handle, a deproteinised bovine bone mineral matrix with preserved micro and macro structures,  providing a suitable environment for a new bone formation.  This great addition to the range is available in a variety of sizes and with different methods of application including syringe, vial or bowl; all ready for mixing, creos xenogain is quick and convenient.

•    creos xenoprotect collagen membrane – a resorbable, non-chemically cross-linked membrane composed of elastin fibres and highly purified porcine collagen for high mechanical strength.  Easy to trim, shape and position, this dense mesh produces a natural, protective barrier to hold bone graft material securely in place.
Take the natural route to clinical success and find out more about the full creos range of products from Nobel Biocare now.
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