State-of-the-art comfort from Tridac

State-of-the-art comfort from Tridac

14 Sep 2017

Tridac’s Contour.Next chair unit has an easy, clean outline, yet offers highly flexible working positions, including full left/right conversion in just a moment or two. The cuspidor and delivery unit can be moved clear of the sides of the chair and the armrests are removable, allowing excellent access to assist needy patients.

The chair’s sculpted profiles and standard seamless upholstery provide very comfortable support, while a new option for soft, memory foam upholstery can be chosen for that extra level of luxury.

The delivery unit benefits from the historic dependability of pneumatic control, yet also supports a range of sophisticated, electrically powered instruments.

The operating light comes on and off with the chair’s programmes, eliminating the need for intervention by hand. There is an override for those disagreeing with the programme.

Constructed from quality materials and finishes Tridac’s Contour.Next unit will look good on the day of installation..and stay looking good in the years to come.

Contact details: 01923 242398,

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