Great value in your gloves

Great value in your gloves

04 Aug 2017

Bring great value to your patients, your business and your hands with the Vitality range from Unigloves.

Unigloves knows that your gloves must be easy to use, strong and comfortable, offer excellent barrier protection and have good grip. With over 30 years’ experience and expertise in manufacturing, you can rely on Unigloves to supply safe, superior quality single use gloves for your practice.

The Vitality range includes:

•    Vitality Nitrile – premium white, powder-free gloves with a naturally moisturising Lano-E inner coating to protect and nourish the skin.
•    Vitality Latex – white, made with 100% latex, powder-free, low allergy gloves with a microfilm inner coating of Lano-E for smooth healthy hands.
•    Vitality Mint Latex – green, made with 100% latex, powder free, single use gloves with natural moisturisers and scented with citrus and peppermint for a pleasant aroma.

Every Vitality glove features a double-chlorinated beaded cuff to simplify donning and removal and has a micro-roughened texture for optimal grip.

The gloves you wear are important. They symbolise cleanliness, demonstrate your commitment to health and safety and represent pride and professionalism to your patients.

For great value – contact Unigloves today.

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