An effective alternative

An effective alternative

03 May 2017

Wisdom Toothbrushes at The Dentistry Show 2017

Do some of your patients struggle with wire interdental brushes?

Are you looking for an effective alternative you can trust to recommend to them?

Then look no further than Wisdom Clean Between Rubber Interdental Brushes! The highly popular products feature a flexible, tapered design with unique and super soft micro-fine filaments that glide easily between the teeth, around orthodontic appliances or around crowns or bridges. Removing food debris and plaque as they go, the brushes are clinically proven to reduce gingival disease, ensuring a thorough yet gentle clean while also massaging the gingiva.

What’s more, they are completely wire-free and provide an ideal solution for patients who find wire interdental brushes uncomfortable or challenging to use correctly. Available in three sizes, the brushes are ideal for use in interdental spaces of various dimensions.

To find out more about the innovative Wisdom Clean Between Rubber Interdental Brushes, don’t miss the friendly team at The Dentistry Show 2017!

On stand M82, you will discover the whole range of Wisdom products, including the Wisdom Super Slim Interspace Brush, Wisdom Clean Between Easy Slide Y Shaped Floss Harps with PTFE tape and Wisdom Easy Flosser also with PTFE tape.

For all this and more, don’t miss Wisdom at The Dentistry Show 2017! Stand M82!

To find out more, please visit or call 01440 714800

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