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Who and what is the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry?

Who and what is the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry?

Nik Sisodia, BACD President, explains who and what is the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry...

These days, dentists need to choose carefully when selecting educational events. They need education that is instructive, informative and can really help their practices grow.

Attending courses over the past 18 months or so, I’ve noticed many aren’t as busy as before, and speaking to colleagues who teach or run courses, they tell me demand for places has been restricted; not absent, just much less than before. 

Certainly some courses have been cancelled or rescheduled for dates where a greater number of delegates might be able to attend. This is understandable, especially when hearing from friends and colleagues over the past few months, stories of struggling practices and others in serious financial difficulty.   

However, BACD courses buck the trend. An attendance in excess of 500 delegates at our last two congresses is an overwhelming endorsement of our educational offering. Both members and non-members can profit educationally and financially from what they gain. 

BACD meetings are more than just the scientific programme, although this, as you would expect, underpins the whole event. There’s a lot more on offer: clinical hands-on programmes, workshops on clinical photography, a comprehensive trade show, social events and a team programme – all this with an affable vibe that can’t be bottled. To paraphrase Aristotle: “the whole is definitely greater than sum of its parts.”

Putting into practice what one has observed on the lecture screen is part of the Academy’s philosophy and the Accreditation pathway allows members to demonstrate this, working towards a credential to be proud of, at a pace to suit oneself, with encouragement and support along the way.  

Strange then that for some dentists the word “cosmetic” gets in the way; it seems to conjure up images of heavy-handed preparations with rubber stamp smiles.  Those who (still) practice that sort of dentistry wouldn’t feel very comfortable at the Academy, unless they are there to learn how to do things differently. Our leadership and conference speakers have championed the cause of conservative aesthetic dentistry around the world.  

The BACD is not only about smile design, we are about teaching and encouraging good clinical dentistry; first and foremost healthy smiles based around a healthy dentition. It is definitely not about a bunch of dentists who just whiten and prep teeth.  

 Who misses out? Anyone who makes up their mind without coming along to find out what the BACD is really about for themselves. This is an organisation that is run by its members for its members, an organisation run by ‘wet-finger’ dentists whose only goal is to bring out the best in each member.