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Published on behalf of the British Association of Dental Nurses, the BDNJ is a subscription only title that reaches all 7,500 members of the association. Since mandatory registration last year, membership of a clinical association has become increasingly important as it provides advice and guidance on  clinical techniques, indemnity insurance, CPD provision and a host of other benefits that were previously denied to Dental Nurses. The editorial content of the BDNJ  is written by the association which ensures that it is written by Dental Nurses, for Dental Nurses, thereby ensuring that it meets the needs of this increasingly important part of the dental team.

Research by the BADN shows that 70% of their members are also practice managers with purchasing power, meaning that 5,250 of our readers are in a position to buy your product for their practice.

The recent GDC ‘Scope in Practice’ document highlights how extended duties for Dental Nurses has meant that nurses can now perform a whole host of duties within the practice and are therefore a vital group to market your products to. They are with each patient from the moment they enter the practice to when the treatment is over, which puts them in a unique position to influence purchasing decisions of oral health products. The BDNJ contains verifiable CPD content for free, which helps them achieve their mandatory 10 hours training per year.

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