Put your skills to good use with DVP

Put your skills to good use with DVP

31 Jan 2011

Bridge2Aid (B2A) announced the start of its 20th Dental Volunteer Programme (DVP) last January. Now in its eighth year, the Bridge2Aid DVP has been developed to give qualified dental professionals the opportunity to pass on their skills to local health care personnel in Tanzania. 

Each programme, held over four separate dates throughout the year and spanning 13 days, is open to 14 dentists and eight dental nurses who are willing to work in remote rural clinics to develop the skills of local clinical officers and deliver basic dental services to the community.

Each programme is tailored to fit the training needs of the clinical officers and involves dentists and dental nurses supporting, advising and providing expertise to the team. For dentists, this mostly involves training local clinical officers on safe extraction technique. For dental nurses, it means preparing the necessary instruments and materials, sterilising using basic techniques, as well as assisting chair-side with ‘holding heads’ (no dental chairs)! As well as this, dental nurses have the opportunity to work with the clinical officers – training them in sterilisation techniques and OHE. 

With 2010 feedback hailing the Bridge2Aid DVP programme as both “moving” and a “rewarding experience both professionally and personally”, it’s not hard to see why 35 per cent of UK dental professionals rush back to do their second and third DVP’s.

Mark Topley, Bridge2Aid CEO comments, “Our Dental Volunteer Programme has not only made such an enormous difference to the lives of the people in Tanzania but also to our volunteer dentists and dental nurses, many of whom have made more than one DVP as well as lifelong friends through the programme. Our Dental Volunteers feel they are contributing to something special and it reminds them why they got into dentistry. The DVP is focused on making a sustainable difference, not just a short-term impact. Thanks to everyone who has taken part in this so far and we look forward to even more success in 2011.” 

 With only two weeks out of practice, the DVP is so easy to undertake, for even the busiest of dental professionals. To enquire about the DVP dates in February, September and November 2011, or to find out about the additional places and destinations available towards the end of the year, contact Ruth Bowyer, B2A Visits Administrator on 07748 643006 or email ruth@bridge2aid.org. Alternatively visit www.bridge2aid.org to download an application form.




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