Dental nurse salaries survey is underway

Dental nurse salaries survey is underway

 Pam Swain, BADN chief executive  

The BADN is again conducting a survey of dental nurse salaries in the UK. The online survey is now open via a link on the home page of the BADN website ( or the BADN Facebook pages.

The survey, which covers the tax year ending April 2010, is open to all dental nurses, not just BADN members, no matter where they work, full- or part-time and regardless of what they earn. The Association is keen to have as many dental nurses as possible complete the survey, enabling a more comprehensive picture of your salaries in the UK. Several thousands of you have already been sent email invitations to participate in the survey – those who do, can forward the invitation on to dental nurse colleagues.

BADN President, Sue Bruckel urges all dental nurses to take 10 minutes to complete the survey. She said, “(...) the 2011 [ARF] fee of £120 for dental nurses is causing financial hardship.”

The Association recently carried out a survey of its members regarding the ARF. The results were not surprising – the majority of members were rightly indignant about its increase. Although the majority stated that they would re-register in 2011, most pointed out that they don’t really have a choice if they want to continue working as dental nurses:

• 97 per cent of respondents considered the increased fee of £120 to be too high for dental nurses.

• 97 per cent of respondents felt that there should be a separate, lower, ARF for dental nurses.

• 89 per cent of respondents felt that there should be a lower ARF for part-time workers.

• 79 per cent of respondents paid their own ARF with no financial assistance from their employers. 16 per cent of employers paid respondents’ ARF in full and 5 per cent in part.

• Of that 5 per cent, just over half paid between £30 and £40 towards the ARF; a quarter paid between £40 and £50.

• Of those respondents who stated that they would not be re-registering in July 2011, 68 per cent stated that it was because they could not afford the ARF/were leaving the profession.

• 85 per cent of respondents expressed their willingness to lobby MPs regarding the ARF.

• 29 per cent of respondents considered that an ARF of between £50 and £60 would be appropriate for dental nurses; with 19 per cent each considering ARFs of £40-£50 and £60-£70 appropriate for dental nurses. 11 per cent considered an ARF of £70-£80 acceptable, whilst 14 per cent considered £40 to be the acceptable limit for dental nurses.

The BADN will be presenting the full report on this survey to the GDC. It will also be providing a template letter for dental nurses to send to their MP protesting the increased ARF. This will be available in February on the BADN website.


2011 National Dental Nursing Conference information

The 2011 National Dental Nursing Conference will be held in Glasgow – venue and date are still to be confirmed, but November 11 and 12 are likely. 

 Full details will be available later in the year in the British Dental Nurses’ Journal and on the BADN website.