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Entering the Dental Awards is easy 

Click (here) to download the entry brochure

Simply down load the entry form and decide on which categories you wish to enter. Then put your entry together following the instructions contained in the brochure and mail it to us it so that it arrives before the entry deadline.


Below are some useful tips and information provided by the judging panel to help you with your entry.

Year after year, as judges we see numerous entries that are potential winners, but the quality of the entries simply does not do them justice. So, we have have teamed up to provide you with a quick and easy guide to compiling a winning entry for the dental awards.

Covering Letter & Evidence

Each entry should be concise. A covering letter of approximately 500-1,000 words is more than sufficient to explain why you think the entrant should win that particular category. It’s important to note that the judging is done on a point-by-point check list against the list of qualities listed on the entry form to keep it fair, so if entries cover each of the points listed thoroughly they are more likely to do well. Last year we had a great entry, who is known to do a lot of post graduate stuff, but didn’t have any decent evidence of their work and so couldn’t win.

Judges also like to see entries which list the criteria as sub headings, and then goes on to provide evidence, making references to a numbered list of appendices. This shows that applicants have a firm understanding of what is being asked of them, and have given intelligent consideration of how the documents they send support their application.

The rest of your entry should just be supportive evidence for all the information in the cover letter. This can involve evidence of self training, evidence of training others, a couple of testimonials and/or any other appropriate information. Stay focused on the category and the qualities you want to show the judges. It sounds obvious, but if you are entering for the Therapist of the Year award, then tell the judges about your work as a therapist. Similarly, 50 testimonials are not going to score higher than an entry with a couple of well chosen testimonials with other original evidence of patient care. For previous winners or finalists, the judges will specifically be looking for what you have done since winning your last award. Make this clear in your covering letter.


Photos & Presentation

Don’t be shy to send photos. The judges like to put a face to a name, and it’s a great way to meet the team. But don’t stick in your whole photo album, select your pictures carefully and annotate them clearly. Although the majority of the marks are given for content, presentation is very important.

However, the judges understand that some people/practices don’t have the manpower, time or resources to market their practices or themselves in the form of professionally put together presentations, but they do a wonderful job for the profession and often get overlooked. Presentation skills are of course important, but what are we judging, having the resources to pay for a marketing company to produce a top end application booklet? Or dental professionalism? A well thought out, neatly presented entry is just as good as a glossy marketing brochure type of entry. As said previously, limiting the number of testimonials as well as photos is important and that these should be pertinent and annotated. In many ways it would be useful if some entries could be put on a number of memory sticks as well as a hard copy, as this would reduce postage bulk. However, this is probably too difficult for some categories, so brevity and focus on the judging criteria are important.

Finally the judges are looking for that X-factor, that something that makes you shine from the rest. But, you must address the areas highlighted in the entry document, we can’t stress this enough.

 An entry does not have to take weeks to compile but it must be given the right care and attention. Where there is passion and dedication, there is a dental awards winner... and the next winner could be you.


Top five tips for a good entry:

1. Keep it short and sweet

2. Summarise examples of fulfilling the category’s entry requirements in the covering letter

3. Provide sufficient evidence of each of these requirements

4. Include photos – show us who you are!

5. Presentation is important

 Good Luck

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